How to prepare for the diet?

There are few steps you need to consider before starting the diet. 

1. Go through your kitchen pantry and the fridge  and eliminate all those sugar containing  high carb products that can easily be consumed in a moment of weakness. You will crave carbohydrates at the start of your keto diet until you become fat adapted and your body will learn to run 100% on ketones.

2. Download and print the shopping list and meal plan. This will make your life easier in the beginning. Also, read extra carefully the product labels when you are grocery shopping. Replacing all those sugary high carb nasties that you’ve just thrown out is important. Stay away from high carb items and be on the lookout for any hidden sugars. Choose real foods.

3. Be sure you have electrolytes at home. Most of the unwanted keto flu symptoms are caused by electrolyte imbalance. Watch the electrolyte episode over and over again. The electrolytes are not optional, you NEED to supplement with electrolytes. This is so important. The essential electrolytes are sodium, magnesium and potassium. 

4. Ditch every old belief about fat, salt and nutrition in general. We are now re-thinking everything that we have learned over the years. Give yourself time to adjust into the  new way of thinking . It will be worth it when you are starting to see results.

5. Be committed. No cheat days in the next 14 days. This is very important for us to get fat adapted and adjust our body for optimal fat burning.