Should you measure weight loss in kg or pounds

Dec 12, 2022

When it comes to tracking weight loss, many people wonder whether they should measure their progress in kilograms or pounds. Both units of measurement are commonly used, but which one is the best option for tracking your weight loss?


One factor to consider is the country you live in. In the United States, pounds are the standard unit of measurement for weight, while in most other parts of the world, kilograms are more commonly used. If you are using a weight loss program or app that is designed for a specific country, it may automatically use the standard unit of measurement for that country.


Another factor to consider is the accuracy of the measurement. Kilograms are a more precise unit of measurement than pounds, as they are measured to the nearest tenth of a kilogram. Pounds, on the other hand, are measured to the nearest whole number, which means that they may not be as accurate. If you are looking for a precise measurement of your weight loss, using kilograms may be a better option.


However, for some people, the precision of the measurement may not be as important as the ability to easily compare their weight loss to others. Pounds are a more commonly used unit of measurement in the United States, which means that it may be easier to compare your weight loss to others if you use pounds.


Ultimately, the choice of whether to measure weight loss in kilograms or pounds comes down to personal preference. Both units of measurement are commonly used, and either one can be a useful tool for tracking your weight loss progress. It is important to choose the unit of measurement that works best for you and helps you stay motivated on your weight loss journey.

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